Diabetes  and  Heart Attack

diabetes can damage your blood vessels and the nerves that control your heart and blood vessels.

Smoking raises your  risk of developing  heart disease

Smoking with Diabetes

increase your risk of heart attack.

High blood pressure  with  Diabetes

Obesity  with Diabetes

overweight with Diabetes  can raise your chances of developing heart disease.


Family history of heart disease

if you have diabetes, it’s even more important to take steps to protect yourself from heart disease

Manage your diabetes ABCs

ABCs to help you manage your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

A is for the A1C test

The A1C test  shows your  average  blood glucose  level over the  past 3 months.

B is for blood pressure

Blood pressure  is the force  of your blood  against the wall  of your blood  vessels

C is  for  Cholesterol

A buildup of cholesterol, a form of fat found in your blood, can cause a heart attack or stroke.